"I've been around great songwriters my whole life. Jonathan Kasper's got the goods, and he delivers."
Bob Babbitt, Funk Brothers bassist

"I would've been proud to have written any of these songs [Fragile Heart]."
Jack Keller, songwriter of hits, including "Bewitched" TV theme

"'In The Know' is a modern power-pop masterpiece."
Jim Reilly, songwriter, producer, recording artist (The New Dylans)

"Kasper...[is] a savvy songwriter who understands the subtleties of '60s rock."
Edd Hurt, Nashville Scene

"...Great singer...the production is solid and the band is tight."
David Hooper, Music Business Radio

"Fantastic songwriting with a kick-ass rock & roll sound."
Christopher Allan Poe, award-winning novelist and touring musician

"...blessed with a voice that's equal parts Hero Frontman and cagey, hook-dealing pop journeyman, his delivery is easily a match for the serious songcraft. Jonathan [Kasper] brings the better elements of better musical times into a perfectly modern light..."
Rusty Russell, rock critic and journalist, formerly with Guitar Player Magazine

"Kasper's music is ... out of this world."
Richard Wicka, ThinkTwiceRadio

"A beautiful, versatile singing voice, Jonathan seems to do anything he wants to do vocally. I have always enjoyed listening to him, and this new rock project is no exception. I was singing along."
Beegie Adair, Steinway pianist

"Here's another unknown artist ... showing us once again how much good music is out there."
Late For The Sky (Italy)

"Thirteen brilliant melodic rock songs, clear strong vocals, razor-sharp guitar riffs and fabulous keyboards. If you like Tom Petty and Bryan Adams, hurry and buy your copy of IN THE KNOW."
Nnieuws.be (The Netherlands)

"This is high quality stuff with a pure early 80s American Radio Power Pop style that very much recalls the legendary Buffalo, NY band The Ravens... as well as The Romantics, Tommy Tutone and The Knack. Fans of this style of rock will absolutely love 'In The Know.' "
Strutterzine (The Netherlands)

"The album's opening number, 'Wake Up Your Soul,' stands out with its sturdy rock vocals and raging guitars. Then with 'Lead Me to the Light' and the title track, 'In The Know,' Kasper morphs from a rugged rocker into a courageous 70's Britpop singer ... The quieter tracks, like 'Back on Track' and the piano ballad homage to John Lennon, 'My Old Friend, John,' are very catchy, smooth tunes that deserve play on the better radio stations."
Rootstime.be (The Netherlands)

"Melodic rock of a better cut where guitarist Jerry Kimbrough slams out one catchy riff after another, and Kasper's vocals do not disappoint."
Ung Tro (Sweden)

"In Jonathan Kasper's latest effort, the melodic rock album 'In The Know,' ... we hear melancholy tones richly embedded with alt guitars, tons of fascinating melodies, and a large dose of poetic humor in the lyrics ... This disc is definitely worth a listen, especially 'Feminist Girl,' 'Back on Track,' 'Little Picture,' and 'No Freedom Train.' "
Hangzasvilag Magazin (Hungary)

"Appealing pop and rock music from Nashville with some real highs!"
Zero (Sweden)

"The influence of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who and David Bowie are evident here ... The pop ballad, 'My Old Friend, John,' is a deserving tribute to Lennon."
Written in Music (Belgium)

"An explosive rock album with solid, skilled guitar work for lovers of rock & roll."
Muziekwereld (The Netherlands)

"... his Robin Zander-like looks are matched with Robin Zander-like vocals."
FolkWorld (Germany)